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Welcome at CODE3 Software & Services!

CODE3 stands for integrated IT-services focusing on software development and services for public authorities and organizations that perform security tasks. Here we focus on fire brigades in and out of Germany.

With fireplan and numerous other service offerings we provide an all-round package focusing on you, our customers.

Website development including a connection to fireplan as well as trainings and workshops serve as a perfect addition to out software. They are the foundation of sustainable support and a fair cooperation even aver a successful software introduction.



People instead of Excel management.

Numbers are important. In business they determine success or failure. However, we believe that people management does not have anything to do with Excel. More essential for success are the people, that work for it. Thats why people with an exceptional team spirit work at CODE3 having a good sense of our customers requirements, with passion and the ambition to find a solution to any problem and sensitized to the economic outcomes of their doings. We do not generate positive emotions with Excel, but rather with unique talents and superior solutions.

That is why at CODE3 not only the most talented people of different origins team up to work on saving your most important resources, but they can also identify with each developed solution and therefore are directly affected by a projects success. That is how creative ideas are made which eventually mature to unique solutions that disburden our customers in their day-to-day work and increase productivity significantly.

Our customers know: CODE3 - that means Great People. Great Performance!