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IT Support

As a company you are constantly dealing with complex IT-challenges. Security vulnerabilities, frequent updates and Security-Hotfixes, system updated, service packs, virus attacks, malware, paralyzing of the production plant due to carelessness and a lack of IT know-how. Increased IT expenses and personnel for the supervision of the IT infrastructure are only a few points that are to mention in this context. Great if you can rely on solutions that to the work for you.

Our IT infrastructure service exonerates a company with respect to all points mentioned above and helps them to focus on their main business.

Lean back while we do all the IT related work. We analyze your existing IT infrastructure, discuss and execute possible scenarios. While doing so we take responsibility for all IT issues and therefore exonerate your employees offering the the chance to focus on their actual tasks. 


We would love to provide further information in a personal one-on-one discussion with you.


All fireman should be able to use fireplan even at 3am“.


The main product of CODE3 is fireplan. Fireplan is a administration software for fire brigards of any kind and size.

Fireplan offers all services from a single source. Starting with the different alarm functions e.g. the mission administration, as well as a central billing and personnel administration process, the administration of trainings and workshops, recommendations for promotions, respiration protection documentation, material administration and personal care even after the software setup is completed. 


As little as possible. As much as necessary.

Further keywords are: 

  • SMS and E-mail alarm
  • Alarm Display including alarm message
  • AAO, maps
  • Automated FMS state recognition

and especially the easy handling of the program.

You do not need any complicated system requirements or pre-knowledge.

After 10 years of experience with the product we, as the young company that we are, have high ambitions when it comes to administration software for fire brigades in and out of Germany. The rapidly increasing number of customers as well as the high number of fire brigades switching to fireplan offer an optimistic future outlook.

Join our journey! We would love to also introduce fireplan to your fire brigade.

More information about fireplan you can find on our product website